Since March 2018, Kristof Mulack and Martin Müller have been bringing new German cuisine and drink culture to the plates and glasses of their guests at Tisk Speisekneipe. While Mulack, known for his supper clubs, came under the spotlight when he took home the winning prize on TV show “The Taste”, Müller worked in upscale establishments like Tim Raue for years. When the two Berliners met, it became abundantly clear that they had to start their own project. Tisk is done in the style of a modern local pub, where, between terracotta tiles and a central bar, the duo serves the best the region has to offer. The fixed menu ranges from blood sausage croquettes, sauerkraut soup and cucumber salad to traditional milk rice pudding: All excellently executed and fairly priced. This concept continues through to jars of preserves which contain, for example, the Spreewald cucumber pickle “Tisk Fizz”. Seated at the counter, foodies have a direct view into the open kitchen, and the tables were made for friends to share plates over — like the mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes and Polish-style cauliflower. At Tisk, everything is as down-to-earth here as its surrounding kiez. (Text: Susanna Glitscher / Photos: Tisk)

Tisk Speisekenipe, Neckarstr.12, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln; map

Tue-Sat 18-24h, book online.

Susanna Glitscher is a born and raised Berliner who lives in Kreuzberg. Since having completed her studies, she’s worked in the food industry, curating events, writing and advising restaurants on their communications strategy.