Are you one of those people that cycles all through the Berlin winter? If so, I have full respect for you! I myself have a little helper to supply my strength and endurance: an e-bike from Dance. These battery-powered two-wheelers are lightweight and make even the toughest of journeys much easier. Responsible for the sleek designs is Berlin-based Dance GmbH, which entered the market in September 2021 with a fresh idea: a monthly e-bike subscription with all servicing included. If something goes wrong with your ride the team will fix it, taking all the hassle out of your commute. The concept is flexible, letting you test out an e-bike over a longer period of time: for me it is serving as my winter ride, saving me the cost of the monthly BVG subscription. What about the bike itself? Well if you still think of cumbersome wheels and bulky frames when you think of e-bikes, the Dance models will change your mind. Made for the city, these shimmering silver-purple bikes are sporty and come with thick tyres that are perfect for winter.

Unlocking and locking the bike is done via the (also purple-hued) app, which takes some getting used to but soon becomes second nature. The matching purple socks that come with the bike are also great for showing off as you zoom up hills even after the most draining of work days. While you do still need to pedal, the bike offers a real electric boost and even lets you out-accelerate cars at the traffic lights. I’m now used to gliding past other road users as I head effortlessly to my next appointment. A rocket for rent – who knew?!

Text: Nina Trippel / Photos: Dance & Franz Gruenewald

Cee Cee readers can get a Dance subscription for €59 a month instead of €79 by using this link. And if you are still looking for a Christmas present, you can give your loved one a subscription.