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The sign of the Rahnsdorf train station stands just a few steps outside the forest. The tiny, rickety, ’60s-era street tram is there already, having been waiting for some time. The driver has already made his round: “Morning all, anyone without a ticket?” Two wooden doors close with a loud thunk. A jerk forward, and the train begins to rattle its way to Woltersdorf. The ride passes through a light-dappled forest, onto the Schleuse and then — the Flakensee. At the end awaits a handful of quaint cafes, two gorgeous lakes, a small observation tower, and a paddle boat rental shop. The tram seems like a piece of a bygone era, forever on an endless path between Berlin and Brandenburg and back. Like clockwork, it makes its journey over and over, always offering an empty space to those who long for nearby distant lands. (Text: Christian Metzner / Photos: Daniel Farò)

Woldersdorfer S-Bahn, between Rahnsdorf Bahnhof and Woltersdorfer Schleuse; map

Mon-Fri 4.37-24.18, Sat & Sun 5.43-24.18

Whether purses or porcelain, product designer and Brandenburg native Christian Metzner‘s perfectly proportioned creations appear almost ethereal. However, he’s in fact quite down-to-earth, and grounds himself by taking his quaint boat out on the water from his home base in Potsdam.