Has it been too long since your last trip to the Mediterranean – or are you dreaming of one? No problem! Perhaps the solution is a visit to Bistro Spumante in Kreuzberg. Opened by sisters Helene and Emma in March 2023, the bistro immediately makes you feel like a passenger on the ferry to the Mediterranean. Because everything is just right: from the white Monobloc chairs and the azure-blue painted floor, to the warmly glowing fairy lights, to the seaside snacks served in red baskets. The mood is one of relaxed chatter, accompanied by pleasant Italo-pop music. The fellow travelers to the bistro are friends of the family business, neighbors from the neighborhood, the curious, and vacationers like me. The destination of the trip might not be clear: Italy, Portugal or Greece? But at Bistro Spumante you don’t have to decide. There are rotating drinks and corresponding dishes from the different countries around the Mediterranean. Sometimes there is Strangolapreti (spinach dumplings with sage butter and parmesan) on the menu, sometimes Parmigiana or Tosta Mista (ham and cheese toast) – right underneath the onion bread. Or would you prefer fresh, salty olives, a portion of French fries or calamari with aioli? I just tried a little bit of everything, because I could quickly switch to vacation mode.

The decision on drinks is easy, as the menu is full of vacation gems. I start my getaway with a personal favorite: sparkling wine on tap – yes, that’s right! – Spumante on tap, delightful. Along with Mediterranean classics like Campari, Ouzo and Pastis, there’s Cynar Spritz, Averna Sour and Frangelico. The vacation mood is picking up. Those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks will be delighted with lemonades, Chinotto Spritz or Peroni 0.0%. Inspired by the warm atmosphere, my ferry heads for Mallorca and I order a Cortado leche y leche, a Spanish espresso variation with condensed milk. And as it usually does, this successful vacation goes by far too quickly. This one only lasted a few hours, but I’m not sad, because I know: I can always come back on deck at Bistro Spumante when my longing for a Mediterranean escape becomes too great. The ferry Spumante leaves on time every day – you only have to be patient on Mondays. Ahoy & a presto!

Hanna Jensen is an architect and a native of South Baden. Berlin has been her home since 2020. She especially loves the summer months, when the days never want to end.

Text: Hanna Jensen / Photos: Sophie Döring

Bistro Spumante, Reichenberger Str.73, 10999 Berlin–Kreuzberg; map
Tue-Wed 12–23h, Thu 16–23h, Fri 16–02h, Sat 13–02h, Sun 13–20h