If you’ve already shifted into fall mode and just want to lie under the covers all day, then it’s the season for warm soups again. And there’s currently no better place for that than Maiyarap on Oranienstraße. Since the end of July 2023, Don, who you may already know from Tossakan, has been serving Thai noodle soups here. At Maiyarap, things are a little different, but there’s  one thing both places have in common: Don’s curiosity and willingness to experiment in the kitchen. How does it all taste? The best way to find out for yourself is to try one of his six “Gieuw Tiew” noodle soups. Whether with tofu, chicken leg or beef rib, each soup is served with homemade broth, fresh Thai herbs and rice ribbon noodles and delivers on texture, taste – and spiciness! For the latter, you can decide for yourself what you’re comfortable with – from not spicy to Thai spicy, it’s all there. At Don’s, soups also lend inspiration to creative beverages. For example, the “Tom Kha Sour” cocktail, based on Tom Kha soup (obviously) – a refreshing cocktail with rum, coconut milk, lemongrass, chili and coriander.

For delicious non-alcoholic options, there’s a selection of “home mades”: for example, the Cha Manao, a black tea from Thailand with sugar and lime, or the Nam Manao, a lemonade made with soda, lime and mint. And even those who aren’t in the mood for soup will get their money’s worth here with the small dishes: Steamed and deep-fried dumplings, corn patties and crispy pork belly (the absolute No.1 – next to Don and the noodle soups). One thing Don and I agree on is that the best dishes are often created late in the evening in the kitchen, when there’s not much left in the fridge, but our appetite is bigger than ever. Improvising has taught him to make a lot out of a little. We’re not talking about fine dining here, but food that reminds you of good home cooking. And so, in his noodle bar, come the most delicious soups, which make the cold days not only bearable, but one more reason to go out.

Text & Photos: Robyn Steffen

Maiyarap, Oranienstr.200, 10999 Berlin–Kreuzberg; map
Mon–Thu 12–15h, 17–22h, Fr–So 12–22h