This year, Christoph Wohlfarth is hiding vegan chocolate in real eggshells: you can peel off the shell at the table after the Easter egg hunt – just like a real egg. Inside, depending on the egg, you will find a solid filling of plant-based chocolate, dark nougat and cashew brittle or a creamy one with apricots and amaretto. Christoph Wohlfarth founded his chocolate manufactory in Berlin in 2010, followed a year later by his very own glass manufactory with a small shop in Prenzlauer Berg. In the meantime, he can be found in the Soldiner Kiez. (read more)

But back to the beginning: It all started with an apprenticeship as a baker and confectioner in Bremen. For Christoph, it was clear at first: everyone needs bread! However, the early working hours were soon a no-go and he realised that making chocolate was much more his thing. Since then, he and his team still make most of the chocolate by hand, and in addition to the special quality of his chocolate (most of which is also vegan), we love his playful way of handling it. Christoph follows the “bean to bar” principle: every step from the bean to the chocolate is in his own hands – he started in 2015 with his “1978” bar of classic 78% chocolate. In the meantime, he offers four different bars that are produced using exactly this principle. The Arriba Nacional organic beans he uses come from small cooperatives in Ecuador, are traded directly and paid fairly! In addition to the bars, Wohlfarth’s regular range also includes “salt sticks” – wafer-thin chocolate sticks refined with salt that are perfect for snacking. Those who like something more fruity and varied should definitely try the small chocolate squares: The manufactory has a selection of squares made of dark, milk and white chocolate all year round, some of which are topped with regional ingredients, such as walnuts from Brandenburg. And if Easter traditions aren’t your thing, maybe you could just “put on” a chocolate – because Christoph not only has crazy egg ideas, he also has something to offer musically: In his shop you can get hold of records made of chocolate that can actually be played. We visited Christoph’s factory and danced with wide eyes to classics like “Surfin USA” by the Beach Boys.

Text & Photos: Robyn Steffen

We are giving away three of his chocolate eggs in real shells and a chocolate record of your choice with Wohlfarth Schokolade. Send an email to!

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