In theory, you can do it yourself. At the very least, you can watch a “how to” YouTube video and figure it out. But putting that theory into practice is a different story. What do you do when the hole is too big, the dowel doesn’t hold and you don’t know for sure where the power lines run? Then you need to hire a professional craftsman for the job, right? Not necessarily! Sometimes all you need is someone handy who has taught themselves and mastered the trade. Someone who wants to lend a hand and share their knowledge (and tools) without the mansplaining. It’s a good thing the Driller Queensexist: the first inclusive handyperson platform that’s open to all genders and consists of a team in which over 80% identify as female, trans or non-binary. But that doesn’t mean cis men aren’t welcome, on the contrary. The Driller Queens’ mission is to uphold inclusion because excluding people based on their gender is a huge problem in the industry and one of the reasons they started in the first place. Driller Queens are here to help you so that mirror hangs straight, the lamp lights up, the curtains stay in place and the chest of drawers remains safely screwed to the wall.

In other words, the people who come to your home via Driller Queens have know-how and tools, but also soft skills such as communication and respect. So you can feel comfortable and safe in your home. This platform does all that and they do it with a sense of humor. I recommend following them directly on Instagram so you never forget this wonderful service exists if you ever need it. Special services are also offered, such as cat solutions (cat nets in front of your windows). And of course, there are things the Driller Queens don’t offer, such as removing floor coverings. On the website, you can get an overview by reading their service list. Now you can finally fix things in your home that have been wonky or broken for far too long. At least that’s what I’m doing, and I’m already looking forward to ticking off the boxes one by one.

Text: Nina Trippel, Photos: Arte, Driller Queens

Driller Queens