Since the very beginning, 2024 has been all about clarity and simplicity for us. That’s why we now drink water from our water station here in the Cee Cee Studio — a solution specially designed for offices and restaurants by Berlin-based company Leogant. Founded in 2009 by Thomas Hartwig, Leogant is a certified B-Corp — in other words, it’s a company that takes sustainability seriously and meets specified criteria, from the use of green electricity to CO2 avoidance. Above all, Leogant represents an elegant solution for water filters and water treatment for offices, homes and creative spaces of all kinds. The company calls its water treatment “close to nature” and this is one of its unique selling points. For us, however, it is above all a beautifully designed solution. Our station fits perfectly into our sleek black kitchen unit. But what do appearances matter if the taste isn’t right? With Leogant, we’re afforded the luxury of both! And that’s how Leogant water makes our tea and coffee taste a lot better. After all, Berlin’s tap water is a bit of a hard case, as we know… The trigger for us to switch from mineral water to Leogant was also one of convenience. Ordering the right amount of water at the right time from the delivery services isn’t always easy. But it’s not just the added tasks of calculating and ordering that have been eliminated, but collecting the half-empty bottles from the office desks. Now every studio member fills up exactly what they want to drink. With sparkling, cold or pure room-temperature water. Not to mention an unexpected perk of the Leogant water station: We now not only meet at the coffee machine but also at the water station for a little chat. In other words, we get up more often, so we keep moving. And as we all know, moving is good for your back, eyes and team spirit. Cheers to a sip of freshly filtered water! 

Text: Nina Trippel / Photos: Sophie Doering

Leogant, Linienstr.56, 10119 Berlin–Mitte; map