Standing in the bathroom for an hour, carefully laying out my make-up collection, prepping my skin diligently, and guiding myself step-by-step through a make-up routine I picked up from Vogue the day before — that’s how I love to start my day. The problem? I also like to stay in bed for an extra hour — admittedly, the latter happens much more often. And since I have my Blush & Glow Duo Stick from Kess, I know that even if I let my alarm clock snooze one too many times, I don’t have to start my day stressed out, because I only need as much time to apply it as my Bialetti needs to make my coffee. The stick consists of two different shades that you can choose yourself. Mine consists of the soft Coral and the darker Tan Blush, which I use not only to define my contours but also to subtly coordinate my eyelids and cheeks and create highlights. You can layer it for a stronger make-up look or simply apply it to your freshly moisturized skin. Because this wonderful stick has saved me so much stress, I had to get more products from Kess: each one can be applied without much effort, is super intuitive and fits inside even my tiniest handbag. And, by the way, they also have impressive values: they are all 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

And now for the exciting news: in addition to the online store, Kess is also currently moving around the real world. Right now they’re located in the middle of Potsdamer Straße next to Andreas Murkudis and Fiona Bennett. The physical pop-up allows you to try out products and shades that are otherwise only available online and get advice from beauty experts. The pop-up is running until 20.04.2024. And we have to mention the beautiful interior of the store which is designed beautifully minimal, as you would expect from Kess. If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to visit the store, on 02.03. Kess is hosting an exclusive pre-launch of a new product and you can be one of the first to try it out with some hot matcha and selected goodies! But even if you can’t make it to the event — before you put the Duo Stick in your digital shopping cart and aren’t sure which is the perfect color choice for you, or can’t decide which lip oil suits you best — why not come along and take the opportunity to match your new beauty essentials perfectly to your skin? Because once you’ve found the right one, it will be hard to part with it – I know what I’m talking about!

Text: Robyn Steffen / Photos: Christian Hasselbusch, Claudia Professione

Kess, Potsdamer Str.83, 10785 Berlin–Tiergarten; map
​Pop-up store until 20.04.2024 Tue–Sat 11–18h