Overcoming your inner sloth with a monster? It could work if you’re walking on clouds, I’d say. And that’s where the Cloudmonster 2 comes in: It wants to take you over the asphalt like a cloud. That’s exactly what On set out to do in 2010. But I can testify that the shoes also take you to the fifth floor of an old building pretty well. Bouncy! After a decade and a half, the idea of a new type of running shoe has become a global player in the sportswear and lifestyle sector – with a worldwide presence and success. And now proud Berliners too, as the first store in Germany opened here on 14.03.2024. The “On Community Store” is practically in the middle of Mitte at the subway station Weinmeisterstraße and is the place to go on two floors for anyone looking for the right equipment for their next run. In addition to the aforementioned Cloudmonster 2 – with neon orange accents, for example – there are also matching outfits from head (caps) to toe (socks) and all body parts in between. Color-coordinated, if you like. While everything to do with running products can be found on the first floor, On has also planned space for events in the basement, in addition to the focus on trail running, training, all-day performance and tennis. Because sport can be perfect me-time, but also social time in the best and most genuine sense.

That’s why On also hosts its own Run Club, which now has a permanent venue here. It is hosted by On Ambassador Björn Menges and starts every Thursday at 18h30, with more community-driven events to follow. At the opening, there was already a foretaste of this with its own T-shirt print station. But if you want to have your very own moment with On first, to get to know the brand: at the silver Magic Walls, you can discover the different shoes, try them on and find your perfect fit – whether for the office run, everyday walk or trail run (then with a waterproof upper). Once you have your shoe of choice on your feet, the only thing missing might be the tunes in your ears. But the On Team has taken care of that too: Jayda G., a Grammy-nominated DJ, producer and environmental toxicologist, has teamed up with a team of neuroscientists from London’s Kinda Studios. The result is this track that will hopefully take your brain to the next level. So listen to it and get used to walking on clouds in the future.    

Text: Nina Trippel / Photos: Joe Clark/On, Robyn Steffen, Shirin Esione

On, Neue Schönhauser Str.19, 10178 Berlin–Mitte; map