The idea of tarot is old – but it’s more in vogue than ever before. And it divides opinion: from a decisive shake of the head, a hesitant frown to an enthusiastic nod – all reactions are here. I think looking at the cards is a mystical and entertaining way of looking at yourself that can open up exciting perspectives when it comes to solving life issues. A reading can help you to get out of a head spin and, above all, to formulate the right question in the first place! That sounds easier than it sometimes is. If you want to give it a try: All you need is a set of 78 cards and that’s exactly what illustrator Tanya Teibtner has brought out under the name Mystic Garden. The Berlin artist with a studio in Neukölln is known for her colorful and optimistic style, which she not only delights local players with, but also international customers. You may have seen her illustrations in Zeit Magazin, the NZZ or even the New York Times. Or at Wolf Kino, for whom she has also designed movie posters. Tanya’s tarot card set is her own project and is available in her online store along with some other merchandise. In contrast to the classic tarot cards, Tanya’s cards are anything but gloomy and old-fashioned, but look fresh and lively – in keeping with the garden association of the series. So if you fancy having a conversation with yourself using the cards, then the start of the year is of course always a good opportunity. But the set is pleasantly small and therefore also a nice travel accessory all year round and can turn any dinner into a lively conversation.

Text: Massimo Hartmann / Photos: Robyn Steffen

Tanya Teibtner

The “Mystic Garden Tarot” set is available online.